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About Us.

At Volaris Group, we pride ourselves on helping “good” communications and media software businesses become “great”, and to remain “great” on a sustainable basis.

Our focus is to build a strong group of loosely connected businesses that are specialists in their own sub-categories of the market. We facilitate collaboration between businesses, but we don’t force it, synergy has to happen naturally. As a consequence of the loose-coupling, our businesses operate independently in a decentralized fashion with their own specific focus, core competency, and P&L. The original founders or managers that are in place when the businesses are acquired typically run the business post-acquisition. Similarly, the management team and employees also stay in place.

The company branding also remains the same. In fact, end customers, partners and employees see very little difference once the business is acquired. The most notable difference in the long-run is stronger business performance, accelerated growth, and continuous innovation. Our fastest growing businesses are those that accelerate their growth with their own acquisition of subsidiary businesses that extend their global reach and product line.

At Volaris, we provide our businesses with best practices, access to capital for organic and M&A-related investments from growth, as well as assist with the professional development and training of management teams.

Understanding the big commitment founders have made into their businesses, our focus is always long-term – unlike other potential acquirers or financial institutions - we have never sold an acquired business.

If you’re looking for a permanent home for your company that values decentralization, and autonomy, and invests for the long-term, Volaris Group may be the right long-term home for the business you have built.

Meet The Team.

David Nyland's photo

David Nyland
President & Portfolio Manager

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Birgit Troy

Elliot Yunger's photo

Elliot Yunger
Director of Business Development

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Taruna Godric
Business Development

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Connor Ennis
Business Development

Caroline Khachehtoori JD, MA, BA
's photo

Caroline Khachehtoori JD, MA, BA
Senior Legal Counsel

Our Values.

We EMPOWER our businesses

We believe in ENTREPRENEURS and their DREAMS

We are perpetually LEARNING

We love to WIN with INTEGRITY

We are TRANSPARENT in how we do business