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IBC Takeaways 2016

If you have attended an IBC show in the past, you know how much there is to absorb. Between conference sessions, keynotes, and discussions with vendors, there are numerous opportunities to better educate yourself on the industry. After returning to Toronto, I thought to organize a few of my key takeaways.   

1. New Entrants Create Opportunities and Challenges:

IBM, HP & Amazon are all relatively new entrants into space. As these companies largely focus on a “one size fits all” solution it highlights the need to develop vertical market, or industry-specific software solutions. This vertical market approach will: differentiate your offering and demonstrate you understand your customer/market, which will translate into winning more business against competitors.

2. Growing your Customer Base Beyond Traditional Broadcasters:

With the changing Broadcast & Media marketplace, software sales to traditional broadcasters are becoming more difficult and expensive to win. In order to find more cost-effective sales routes, look for an adjacent marketplace for your solution. In Broadcast & Media, some examples may be House of Worship, Parliaments & Educational Institutions. All of these customers have similar broadcast needs and could be a great avenue for growth in 2017.

3. The Brain Drain & Intuitive Workflows:

Multiple people that I had the pleasure to meet with spoke about the Brain Drain. Experienced and educated personnel in the broadcast space being replaced by those new to the industry. This highlights the need to create software with intuitive workflows as these folk will be your new “power users”, talking to industry peers about your solution and advising their colleagues on purchasing decisions. Ensure that the software is easy to use and can take the ever-growing and changing needs of your customers into account.

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September 13, 2016

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Elliot Yunger serves as the Director of Business Development of the Communications & Media Portfolio. Before joining Volaris Group, Elliot worked for Cyhawk Ventures, a Tel Aviv based Venture Capital firm in sales organization for multiple businesses. Once returning to Toronto, he joined up with the Volaris Group to help accelerate growth across multiple verticals before specializing within the Communications & Media portfolio. Elliot has helped to lead multiple acquisitions and integrations for Volaris Group and has worked in Singapore, India and Tel Aviv.