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Seeking Software Acquisitions in the Communications Sector

The communications vertical at Volaris Group is currently populated by two companies. We aim to grow it to beyond 100 mio. USD in revenues over the next couple of years.

The acquisition of Incognito Software Inc. marked Volaris’ entry into the Communications software space at the end of last year. It is a communications Operations Support Systems (OSS) solutions business for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) in both the cable and telecommunications markets, enabling them to quickly and cost-effectively deploy data, voice, and video services across a multitude of fixed and wireless networks. A few months ago, the second acquisition took place with NETadmin Systems (see this post). NETadmin Systems offers also OSS solutions so that service providers can monitor multi-technology networks and get the assurance to ensure customer service levels are met. These two companies now profit from various synergies e.g. to increase their cross coverage within their individual customers.

Acquisition Profile 

We are looking for established software companies (no start-ups!) that operate in the following niches of the telecommunications market:

Operations Support Systems (OSS)

  • Service Fulfillment
  • Inventory Management
  • Field Force Management 
  • Service Assurance
  • Network Management 

Business Support Systems (BSS)

  • Customer Management
  • Product Catalogue & Order Management
  • Mediation & Policy Management
  • Billing & Rating/ Charging
  • Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management
  • Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Full ERP Suits (BSS/OSS) for Tier 3/4 Operators

Regarding the minimum size of these companies, we can differentiate between the following geographical regions:


Benefits for an Advisor

The following benefits are relevant if you are an advisor:


Benefits for a Business Owner 

Business owners of vertical market software companies like about us:


Or with the words of David Nyland (President of Volaris' Communications & Media Vertical):

"At Volaris, we are uniquely positioned to help good telecommunications and media software companies become great companies. We believe that the best people to manage a company are the ones that helped build them, while Volaris provides the know-how and investment to ensure their long-term success.”


Author: Marc Maurer, Director of M&A, Volaris Group 

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About the Author
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David Nyland

David Nyland is a Portfolio Manager and President of the Volaris Communications & Media Industry Group. He began his career as a software developer at a Tier 1 systems integrator, and quickly moved into entrepreneurial roles at 2 telecommunications software start-ups which scaled and were sold to strategic acquirers. Since then David has been CEO of 2 companies, a public company with global scale, and a VC-funded private business, during which he completed acquisitions of businesses in North America and Europe. David joined Volaris in 2013 to build a Communications and Media portfolio for Volaris, and has since completed numerous acquisitions worldwide including in Canada, Sweden, US, Switzerland, and Singapore. David has a passion for software and telecommunications technology and building synergistic businesses that scale profitably. His goal is to develop a strong synergistic portfolio of companies and hold them forever.