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Case Study


Founded in 2004, Netadmin Systems provides Operational Support Systems (OSS) to Communication Service Providers (CSP’s) launching fiber networks.

Since 2006, the business was been owned by multiple Scandinavian VC’s Venture Capital investment funds and the company expanded its customer base to more than 70 CSP’s ranging from small regional municipal fiber to the home (FTTH) operators to much larger FTTH business units of major Tier 1 convergent CSP’s. Due to advantageous regulatory environments and open access network policy, the company focused their efforts on several strong FTTH markets in Northern Europe where they now have high market share including Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. 

Our acquisition by Volaris gives us the ability to grow and take advantage of a wealth of best practices shared across its portfolio of companies. We are very excited about our business potential and feel secure that we can now make necessary investments for long-term sustainability with the financial backing of the Volaris Group.

— Olle Hillstrom, CEO, Netadmin

3 Reasons Netadmin Chose Volaris

Decentralized Business Model

A transition with Volaris Group meant little to no interruption to the regular day-to-day business. Volaris’ decentralized business model would allow the company to remain intact in Linkoping and Stockholm, without interruption to the business. 

Buy & Hold Forever = Long Term Security

As a buy and hold forever acquirer, Volaris Group makes decisions that will impact the long-term and focus on security for employees, customers, and partners. 

Talent Development

Volaris’ strong focus on best-practices, metrics, and professional development of Netadmin’s management would allow the company to thrive under the guidance of a strong vertical market software business.

The Integration Period

In order to ensure a smooth transition, President of the Communications & Media Portfolio, David Nyland assisted in the integration of Netadmin Systems into the Volaris Group of companies. Stephane Bourque, head of OSS at Volaris Group, will oversee the business to ensure strong synergies with Incognito Software and other up-and-coming OSS acquisitions. 

Over the next months, Netadmin Systems will be working with Incognito to tap into their global distribution network in geographies where Incognito has extensive market share. The goal of these investments is to accelerate growth and create synergies between Incognito and other businesses in the growing Communications & Media Volaris portfolio.

Life Post-Acquisition

Netadmin Systems has comfortably settled into life under Volaris Group and its business continues to run as usual. The central difference that customers and partners will see is systematic growth, scalability, and maturity of the business. Volaris Group will continue taking great strides to preserve Netadmin’s reputation for customer service and continuous innovation. 

“The acquisition of Netadmin brings us deep domain expertise in fiber networks and over 70 new customers with a strong presence in Europe. We expect strong synergies with Incognito and plan to continue to expand our capabilities in OSS moving-forward. This is an exciting time to join our Communications vertical and benefit from a growing base of 300+ global customers.”

- David Nyland, President, Communications & Media


Netadmin Systems was acquired in 2015. 
This case study was originally published in 2015.