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Case Study


WDS launched back in 1996 with a simple mission - to make the mobile experience better.

Originally privately held, WDS was acquired by Xerox Inc. in 2012. Following the separation of Xerox Business Services to become Conduent Inc., WDS was spun out in September 2017 to once again become a standalone company. WDS assets were acquired by Volaris Group, to expand its position in the Communications vertical.

Joining Volaris Group

As part of its acquisition by Volaris, WDS Mobile has become a standalone business within the Volaris Communications and Media Portfolio. For WDS Mobile, there were two main benefits to joining Volaris. First, WDS Mobile would be able to exercise a considerable degree of autonomy within the decentralized operating model employed by the Volaris Group. Second, because of this autonomy, WDS Mobile could re-establish its direct ties to its customers, something that had previously proven crucial to the company’s innovative drive.

While returning WDS Mobile to its heritage of developing innovative software solutions through close customer contact, Volaris has also granted the company access to a broad network of software companies and their resources. WDS Mobile can now draw on the best practices and domain expertise of the entire organization and stands to benefit from being part of a portfolio of like-minded leaders.

With Volaris, there’s a lot of autonomy to be able to deliver on your goals. We are masters of our own destiny now and we can really build our plans and run the business in the way we want to run it.

— Håkan Cronqvist, CEO, WDS Mobile

Future Plans

Looking forward to the future, WDS’ message to the market is that it is once again a stand-alone business. The company will be building up its team, establishing direct sales and marketing, and begin directly engaging with its customers again. WDS Mobile focuses on the wireless communications market, and will be planning for both market and geographic expansion in 2018.
As part of Volaris, WDS Mobile will be able to evolve its product line and expand its services and support capabilities worldwide, allowing the company to seize the opportunities that will arise from the introduction of new devices and the continued growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) market. As a member of the Communications and Media Portfolio, WDS Mobile will also be aiming to benefit from the ability of its fellow portfolio companies to collaborate on solutions that can yield wider propositions, bolstering the company’s market position. 

The fact that we are with like-minded people who understand our story and our market has been really valuable. At Volaris, we’re in control of the full business model and it brings us much closer to our customers.

— Nick Gyles, COO, WDS


WDS Mobile was acquired by Volaris Group in 2017.
This case study was originally published in 2017.