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Volaris Acquires WDS

September 29, 2017 - TORONTO, ON

Volaris Group today announced that it has completed its sixth acquisition in the Communications vertical with the acquisition of the Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Device Knowledge as a Service (KaaS) assets, a carve out from the Wireless Data Services (“WDS”) business of Conduent.

The acquired software and services enables major wireless network operators to provision, manage and support their customers throughout their lifecycle. With the Industry’s largest knowledge base of device information spanning smartphones, tablets, broadband routers, feature phones and IoT devices, this acquired software ensures the device is recognized on the network, configured accurately and updated in life.

With knowledge tools embedded within mobile experiences on the device and through network operator’s websites, over 100 million customers interact with the acquired software and services every month.

The acquired software also gives Volaris a rich client base including tier-one wireless network operators, infrastructure vendors and mobile device manufacturers in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

“We are excited to bring this asset into our portfolio and we see great opportunities for this business moving forward as new devices enter the market and the Internet of Things (IoT) market explodes, requiring many orders of magnitude of numbers of new devices to support,” said David Nyland, Portfolio Leader and President, Media & Communications at Volaris. “We believe that Volaris has the unique capability and capacity to invest in accelerating growth of the acquired software business, evolving its product-line, and expanding its services and support capabilities worldwide.”

MDM and KaaS is headquartered in Bournemouth, UK. Volaris will also own the WDS Trademark and Tradename to market the acquired software under said Trademark.

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David Nyland

David Nyland is a Portfolio Manager and President of the Volaris Communications & Media Industry Group. He began his career as a software developer at a Tier 1 systems integrator, and quickly moved into entrepreneurial roles at 2 telecommunications software start-ups which scaled and were sold to strategic acquirers. Since then David has been CEO of 2 companies, a public company with global scale, and a VC-funded private business, during which he completed acquisitions of businesses in North America and Europe. David joined Volaris in 2013 to build a Communications and Media portfolio for Volaris, and has since completed numerous acquisitions worldwide including in Canada, Sweden, US, Switzerland, and Singapore. David has a passion for software and telecommunications technology and building synergistic businesses that scale profitably. His goal is to develop a strong synergistic portfolio of companies and hold them forever.