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Which New Technologies Have the Most Potential to Disrupt Your Business? We Ask Our Leaders

Within the Volaris Comms & Media Portfolio, we value learning from each other and sharing best practices. This article is the second in our 4-part Comms & Media Insight Series containing tips and best practices from our business leaders. In this article, we hear from David Nyland, Tony Garcia, Mats Ekelund, and David Sharpley.

In our constantly innovating technology landscape, how do software businesses keep up? Hear from our business leaders on how new technologies in the comms & media space (5G, IoT, AI, etc.) have the potential to disrupt their businesses, and how their teams are addressing them. 

In this installment, "Which New Technologies Have the Most Potential to Disrupt Your Business?"

David Nyland - Portfolio President, Comms & Media

Avoiding obsolescence is a big challenge in this market.

We expect to embrace an abundance of disruptive technologies in the coming years. At our doorstep is the cloud, 5G, and IoT. To remain competitive and relevant, we will need to address new scale and transaction diversity and intensity by embracing approaches like AI/machine learning and blockchain.

David Sharpley - CEO, Incognito Software Systems

Disruption creates Opportunity.

At Incognito Software Systems, we do not view any new technology as specifically “disruptive.” Rather, we view emerging technologies as opportunities for us to expand our offering to our existing customers, grow into new markets, and create new offerings. IoT is a great example of a new technology that is allowing us to enhance our monetization potential. We are now working closely with a customer to develop a specific IoT solution for them that will also be marketed to other prospects and customers.

In our experience, collaborating closely with customers provides both parties with significant benefits. Taking the time to understand our customers, enables us to work with them to address their challenges, which are ultimately not unique to them. Disruption creates opportunity and the Volaris model allows for close intimacy with customers that can provide an avenue for monetization.

Mats Ekelund - Portfolio Manager, Comms & Media

Consider Everything.

There are dozens of new technologies at the centre of R&D. With all of the businesses I oversee -- Tarantula, Netadmin Systems and Avance Metering – IoT and 5G bring new, interesting opportunities.  

  • Tarantula – The tower companies need to ensure coverage for these technologies and build out additional small cells in all markets.
  • Netadmin Systems – The fibre network owners need to add these technologies to the existing infrastructure to enable additional service offerings.
  • Avance Metering – Utilities can use these technologies to more cost-effectively collect consumption data from homes and industries. Also, here is an area where new service offerings are expected to emerge.

Tony Garcia - Portfolio Manager, Comms & Media

New tech provides an opportunity for solution providers to address the complexity of individuality.

In this digital era, there is a fundamental principle of connecting everything, which lends to the need for cost-effective access and speed! Service providers and suppliers are finding themselves being pushed by both consumers and markets to sustain this digital need through innovation. The industry now finds itself virtualizing and adopting this digitizing of its infrastructure and processes to service the demand accordingly. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, Augmented Reality, and soft digital connect (lack of SIM cards) provides an opportunity for solution providers to address the complexity of individuality.

At Volaris Comms & Media, we meet this challenge by decomposing high-level needs and mapping them to our growing portfolio of solutions. We do this by considering “opportunity to cash and problem to resolution” as key levers for the roadmap of products and services. To execute on these levers, our solutions simplify customized activation and automate problem resolution. Through the use of disruption, our portfolio actions persona-led solutioning through virtualization of touch points including on-premise equipment (both comms and media), network configuration, fibre distribution, sensor (IoT) identification, activation, and assurance.

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This article was originally published on LinkedIn. You can view it here.

March 12, 2019

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