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Corporate Development

Has your organization made the decision to divest a non-core asset? Volaris Group is a trusted partner to corporations around the world. We can provide a safe and stable home for your asset and work with you to create the most suitable deal structure.

Customer Protection

As an experienced acquirer of corporate assets, Volaris can enable a greater focus on the needs of the specific market. Post-acquisition, we ensure continuity of services and strengthen customer relationships by investing in R&D and developing employees. To ensure that day-to-day operations continue without interruption to your customers, we help communicate the organizational change and ensure service level agreements are met.


As seasoned acquirers, our M&A knowledge has been sharpened through transactions with numerous corporate entities including Nokia, the former owner of Velocix. With experience, comes acumen, and we can work with corporate sellers to create a deal structure that is advantageous for parties of any size.

Speed & Certainty of Close

With a team of in-house tax, legal, and finance leaders and funding from our internal sources, we are often able to close transactions within 90 days. Having legal entities, payroll providers, and service centers across the globe ensures that deals can get done quickly and efficiently regardless of geography.

Buy & Hold Forever

As a permanent owner of businesses, you can rest assured Volaris will never resell the asset to a competitor. Unlike Private Equity and Venture Capital investors, we invest in businesses for the long term. We work with our divested corporate entities to ensure a smooth transition and encourage enduring customer relationships and long-term growth.

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