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All Cash Transactions.

Volaris Groups’ deals are often done in cash from internal funding sources. This means that once we reach alignment on valuation parameters, there is a high probability of close in a short time frame. Volaris Group invests the time to ensure that we appreciate the seller’s motivations and how the transaction can help to satisfy them. With this approach, we successfully transact on the majority of deals that get to the LOI (Letter of Intent) stage.

Protect Your Legacy.

As a perpetual owner of businesses, Volaris works to strengthen your business for the future. Volaris acts as your permanent partner and makes long-term investments into the business for sustained growth. We generally maintain businesses as independent entities, ensuring they continue to operate with the same team, culture and business name that you and your stakeholders know and respect. If your desire is to remain with the business, we work with you to realize your personal and professional goals within our group.


500+ Volaris Group Customers
Capital for organic investments to strengthen your market positioning.
Capital to acquire complementary and/or competitive technology companies.
A global ecosystem of tax, currency & payroll services across 4 continents.
Best practices learned from 25 years of acquiring and growing software businesses!

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